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Monthly Archives: April 2011

New York I Love You

I have been working on this mix for as long as I have been writing for Popten. It was at one point over 60 songs, and has morphed its way through at least 7 different versions. I found it so hard to edit down songs

Top Ten Songs For Easter

I want to wish you all a very happy Passover! However, there are not really any awesome Passover songs, unless you count Go Down Moses, which is only awesome when my cantor brother sings it in his bass-falsetto voice.* So to make sure your Good

Top Ten NYC Public Art Installations

New York City is one of the best places in the world for all kinds of art. As I’ve found in my travels around the city, you don’t need to be inside a museum or gallery to find great and interesting works. Where can Picasso,

Top Ten Things Worth Uninventing

Forget about atomic bombs and crystal meth and crimper irons. It’s time to get serious about uninventing the things that have breathed toxic mold into the land of pop cultura for months, if not decades. 10. Hotel hangers attached to the rack. Who in the

This Week in Art & Internet Eye Candy

This is the week in random internet eye candy and art news. Should the universe cooperate, I plan to post on this subject on a frequent basis and add to Popten what the internet provides in the visually interesting from art world and away from

Top Ten Misheard Song Lyrics

Just about every time anyone asks where we’re going next or what do you want to do tonight or what’s your reason to live, I inevitably end up shouting “KARAOKEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!” I mean, what’s not to love? Coworker camaraderie forced by way of 2-for-1 giant Sapporos

I've been to the moon!!

Top Ten Paul Rudd Movies

  I have seen every PR movie known to man… many of them I’ve seen multiple times because I have a terrible memory. All, and I repeat, all Paul Rudd movies are great, but here are my favorites. 10 Diggers IMDB calls this a coming-of-age

Brocabulary 101: A Primer

It happens all the time. Someone hits you with a, “What’s up bromosapien?” in the locker room. Or maybe it’s a simple, “My main man Lindsay Brohan!” as you high five. Or maybe you’re hanging with a true broet who gives you the old, “You