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Movie Reviews of Movies I Haven’t Seen: 127 Hours

Two things happened yesterday.

1. My dad called to tell me that my uncle is stuffing his turkey this year with White Castle burgers. I actually think I might throw up right now from typing that. You know that go-to gross out place you go in your head when you need to throw up? This is my new one.

2. Gawker asked What Movie Scenes Are Too Gross for You to Watch? in response to a viewing of 127 Hours.

So I know nothing about this movie except what I’ve gleaned from the internet telling me that it’s way too gross for me to see. The gist I guess is: he cuts his arm off to free himself.

Remember the guy who did this in real life? (Google hint: ct man basement arm)

His arm could not be saved.

Oddly, although I know I’m not going to see this movie, because I no longer need a mental ipecac (see above) I’m less inclined to be offended by this than I am by say, Saw 3d, or Burlesque.

If Rotten Tomatoes holds even a bit of truth I’d say my instincts are spot on. Grossness for the sake of being gross? What are you trying to prove? A well-acted, well-directed film is so rare these days that when we get one, gross or not, it’s totally worth it. This movie looks awesome.

One of the year’s best films: Anchored by James Franco’s astounding performance, 127 Hours is a more sharply focused, more emotionally touching, and more technically impressive work than Danny Boyle’s 2008 Oscar-winner Slumdog Millionaire. – Emanuel Levy

Boyle and his co-screenwriter Simon Beaufoy have taken what could have been the man vs. nature equivalent of torture porn and transformed it into a visceral, exhilarating drama about hope, life and the need to belong to something greater than one’s self. – Jim Vejvoda

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