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Motorcycle Accident-Inspired Mix

If you follow me on twitter, you may already know that 6 days ago I had an unfortunate mishap with a motorcycle (pictured above). It was not an accident, per se, as it was safely parked. In an only-would-happen-to-Morgan especially-when-she’s-on-vacation kind of way, my foot slipped off the pedal, the pedal caught my jeans, and my leg is somewhat history. It’s cool though, I have a cane. And inspiration for my next mix.

I thought I would make a mix of songs about motorcycle crashes, though there are surprisingly not all that many. I found a super large amount of 50’s and 60’s teen angst songs about crashes though, and those could’ve been a mix unto themselves. But in the interest of diversity, here are my top 10 songs about crashes – car and motorcycle – mostly old, some new; but all tragic.

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