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Friday Link-Up for the Round-Up!

I’m swamped! Seriously it’s 1pm and I JUST ordered lunch!

So I’ll make this quick.

1. Check out Gwen Stefani’s LAMB Spring 2011 collection HERE.
2. Coca-Cola has a happiness machine HERE.
3. Crazy pictures from last night’s storm HERE.
4. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have scheduled a march in DC HERE.
5. Seriously, they have signs that say “I disagree with you, but I’m pretty sure you’re not Hitler” amazing.
6. The trailer for the Jolie/Depp movie “The Tourist” came out HERE.
7. Two things: a. that looks awful b. Angelina Jolie is only 35! Stop looking so old!
8. This video of people winning a trip to Australia on Oprah is CRAZY (HERE).
9. I had a co-worker who got tickets to Oprah and she went BALLISTIC! Like SCREAMING and CRYING and not being able to breathe… and that was in NY just when she heard she GOT the tickets.
10. My dear fans, please don’t leave me, I’ll get better. At least I did this!

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