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Friday Round Up is a sports fan who’s currently holding a hockey puck, drinking coffee out of a mini Stanley Cup and learning to do that soccer knee bounce thing

So basically, a tired sports fan! Watching 6 games of the Stanley Cup can really wear a sister out! Plus, there’s hardly any time to relax with the World Cup starting today!! Wooo I’m watching South Africa vs Mexico right now at the tv at work! I’m under the impression that it’s constant soccer (soccer until the US is eliminated, Benedict Arnold’s who insist on saying futbol, I’m talking to you) for the next month, so get out your shin guards and riot gear and let’s get it started!

1. In a stunning “hey what the heck just happened I turn my head for a second and there’s a goal? I didn’t her the buzzer? People are screaming… what’s going on? Egads! Even the announcers are confused omg omg… yes!!!!!” victory in overtime of the 6th game of the series the Chicago Blackhawks took home their first Stanley Cup since 1961. Congratulations!

2. Before I forget about hockey for another 49 years let’s talk about our fashion-challenged cry-baby announcer Jeremy Roenick for a second. Again, I don’t know much about hockey, but I DO know Tiki Barber (note: I DO NOT at all condone Barber’s being a jerk and leaving his pregnant wife for a 22 year old, not cool) needs to take Hockey announcers on a field trip to Barney’s and get their suit-shit together! A paisley tie does not high fashion make!! So, I’m watching the game and trying not to be distracted by Roenick’s ability to make a suit look insanely uncomfortable, and then out of the blue HE’S CRYING.
Not sure what to think. Is he a pussy, or does he just really really love hockey? Either way, that guy’s got the soul of a poet:

“Um, it’s the Chicago Blackhawks, man,” said Roenick, holding back tears.

3. Rumors from Albany are threatening to shut down the NY state government if the budget can’t get passed ASAP. Reminds me of that time in 1995 when the Klein family got in the mini-van and did a totally free National Park Tour that may or may not have involved parking outside a National Park and walking past barriers.

4. Via one of my favorite blogs Green Wedding Shoes, check out a super super cute marriage proposal!

5. If you feel like dancing after that, check out this tumbler site of youtube videos of people dancing alone to Pony HERE. NSFW – OSOSFL (only sort of safe for life).

6. For the ice cream shop nostalgic in you, Wendy’s is now offering their frosty in a float version! I’d go chocolate frosty and diet coke, if I were to partake.

7. Via NY Mag there’s this super entertaining video of Salma Hayek freaaaaking out about a snake. She literally tries to climb onto the arm of Maya Rudolph’s folding chair.

8. In a super awesome twist of fate, a married couple discovered that they had been to Disney World at the SAME TIME when they were kids… There’s a pic of his dad in the background of her family picture! Super cute.


10. Now that you’re in the mood, and it’s a wet wet summer you can get these wellies that charge your cell phone while you dance!! 12 hours of dancing get 1 hour of talk time! Sounds like a lot, but really what a good reason to get your butt off the floor and dance and play and create your own energy! Super fun!

ps. super! (hahhaha just one more for good measure!)

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