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Here’s to 56 years of Jackie Chan!

“Don’t try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie…. Study computers instead.” – Jackie Chan

Today, 56 years ago, Jackie Chan decided to grace the world with his presence. I’d like to think that it went like this: the heavens opened up. Baby Jackie leapt, earthbound, onto the awning of a high-rise. Consequently, the awning splits forcing him to use his baby hands to grab a nearby rope and swing himself to safety. Landing on the back of an unsuspecting bad guy and knocking him unconscious. Finally, he landed into his mother’s arms, cooing and ready to begin his life.

That being said, I’m sure you could guess that I’m a pretty big fan of Jackie. The video above is my favorite tribute to Jackie Chan, courtesy of the other credits to our humanity, Tim and Eric. But instead of bombarding you with his Chan-ness’s extensive career, I’m going to cliff’s notes it for you.

Jackie Chan fun facts:

PS, It’s my dad’s bday too…I’d be an awful daughter if I didn’t throw that in and say “Happy Birthday DBruce!”

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