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Friday Round Up is Sorry for the Tardy!

So many things to do! So many email accounts that are building up and building up! I’m sorry pop-tenners! I actually have some good stuff for you this week!

1. Bam Margera is alive! I don’t even mind that he’s suspected of cheatin’, I’m just happy he hasn’t OD’d.

2. Have you seen this kid from Taiwan’s got Talent? [kidding, it’s called “Super Star Avenue” for real.] He’s all over the news, it’s pretty awesome, he’s fantastic! (Press play and then read this: In college I dated this dude who was totally emotionally shut down, it was hard to get anything out of him. So one day ‘The Bodyguard’ is on tv and like 5 minutes in he goes “I wish my life was more like Frank’s dad’s…” and I’m like, who is Frank? And he’s like, FRANK from the movie! Like I’m the crazy person for not realizing that he’s on a first name basis with Kevin Costner characters, sheesh.)

3. There are so many good things on youtube this week! This rant is boung to be a classic! Stay till the end!

4. This video I’m not even going to link to. Bristol “clearly a genius” Palin put together this awesome PSA that basically says:

Apparently you should keep your legs crossed (Candie’s Foundation’s preferred method of birth control) if you’re poor, don’t have family support, or are not a celebrity. What a despicable, classist approach.


5. Was your reality TV regimen missing old-people dating? Here you go.

6. There is going to be a smurf movie! The cast is freaking out. of. control. NPH, Hank Azaria, Alan Cumming… Katy Perry? Weird, but ok!

7. If you’re missing Mad Men you can watch this awesome video of the cast singing Bye-Bye birdie! I wish my job was more fun (also, Ladies, how hot is the Lieutenant Governor? Seriously.)

8. I meant to put this last week but I didn’t have the time. Here’s a preview for a new Syfy movie called Mega Piranha starring Tiffany! You can’t make this stuff up.

9. My in-laws love playing The New Yorker Game, which I hate, but if they were all like THIS I think I could get into it!

10. Finally for the girliest thing of the day!

Man I don’t even care I gasped at 1:46! I literally don’t care how ridiculous this movie is, I’m seeing it.

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