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Daily Archives: February 5, 2010

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Sexiest Cars of the Decade

Welcome one and all to the only list that provides you with a synopsis of not the best, not the most powerful or fastest, but the sexiest cars of the past decade. Yes, cars can be very sexy. In the midst of this massive project

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Become a fan of Monogamy!

I’m not referring to the concept of Monogamy, although if you’d like to be a fan of that, you go right ahead! Instead, I’m referring to the film that I co-produced and co-edited this past summer starring the great Chris Messina and Rashida Jones. So

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Women & Film & A**holes

So way back in October, the Washington Post published an article by Ann Hornaday, entitled Women & Film, which posed the following question: With female characters, why does Hollywood fear that the stronger they are, the harder they fail? I had been ruminating (read: seething)