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Daily Archives: February 2, 2010

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[Review] GACKT – “RE:BORN”

Support: HMV // CDJapan On 2009.12.02, after 4 years without a new original album (2007’s 0079-0088 was a Gundam cover album, and 2009’s Slo-Pachinko Gladiator Evolution Original Soundtrack was just that — a soundtrack), GACKT returned with a new album entry in the RR (Requiem

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The Gamer Conversations – Ratings

The other night, Gabby went on the ESRB website then IM’d me. I was intrigued by her findings, and so the following conversation occurred. (As with last time, my replies are in bold, while hers are in quotes.):

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Top Ten Crazy Lost Theories (Homebrewed)

Sometime last week, as I was rewatching bits and pieces of Season 5, that feeling came back. It’s a sensation that took me back in 2004, when the hatch was closed, the Island was new, and Hurley was just a chubby stranger with a golf