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Monthly Archives: January 2010

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10 Music Videos that Must be Seen

Jackson Five – Can You Feel It I can’t believe nobody told me about this. This could very well beat out Thriller for me… I’m serious. Here is the story verbatim from Pitchfork >> Pre-MTV video genius Bruce Gowers hired F/X don Robert Abel to

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When I Met Larry Platt (Pants On The Ground)

It’s always a trip when you turn on the TV and see someone you know. Always. It never gets old. At least, not for me. So imagine my surprise when I turned on American Idol (the auditions, of course) and saw Larry Platt performing an

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WTF America

This will be the first in a series of i%&$#&%$#^%$#^%$#@^$%#^%&^**&^%&^&^* rants that reflect how annoyed I am about the unfortunate bulerfskhgfsiut co#%rdl#%kjmonger#%#asing dumbass fdf#%esu#king national conversation we’re having right now. Clearly brought to you by the good people behind Scotts Brown’s victory in the Senate yesterday.

What the fuck America. Guys. Really. Are we doing this? Are we going to screw ourselves so fucking bad that we can’t walk straight for years and half our lip goes numb and starts leaking spit? We need to Wake. The fuck. Up.

Right now there is a man named Glen Beck paid to go on television and claim we have the best healthcare in the world. And people believe him. WHAT THE FUCK!!! Dude. It’s not. Not even close. What the fuck is wrong with admitting that hey, maybe we oughta fix this shit? Are we middle aged housewives reading The Secret and convincing ourselves that thinking positively about the sorry fucking state of our healthcare system is somehow going to magically turn things around? Are we doing daily affirmations like Stewart Smalley to keep our collective self esteem above suicide levels? We have a problem. A serious fucking problem. Let’s fix it. This is not a point of contention. This is not up for discussion. This is US as a people coming together to fight for a common purpose. This is what we should be doing. And instead, we listen to beauty queens and snake oil salesman…

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The Gamer Conversations – Online

We’re back with part 2 of this little series of mine, The Gamer Conversations. Right now, it’s just me and my friend, Gabrielle, but I’m hoping to talk to other people in the future. As this is currently only me and my friend, I’d like

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Golden Globes: The Day After

GAH! Out of the country at present time. As I write this, last night’s telecast of the Golden Globe Awards is safely stored in that wonderous invention I refer to as my digital lock box… waiting for me to return and view it — which

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01.18.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. CONCERT Alice Smith at Joe’s Pub How is this woman not a total star of the music world? Her personality and singing style are amazingly at ease considering the huge and powerful sound that escapes from her lips seemingly without even flexing her muscles.

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The Power Gap – Animation

If you know me then you know I love animation, and especially have been interested in the video essay variety for my own personal work. Recently British think-tank Demos teamed up with creative agency Airside to create “The Power Gap,” that surveys the history of

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Disaster in Haiti – links to donate

Not that you can’t find it on your own but here are links to donate to help the relief effort in Haiti after yesterday’s devastating earthquake. You can see pictures HERE, it looks just terrible. I’m taking the liberty to speak for all of us