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New York State Politics. WTF!?

Pedro Espada. Ugghh. It makes you tired just thinking about it. Really? A democratic senator switched parties, ran the entire fucking capitol into the ground, froze any kind of legislative action at all… for months… and now he’s under ethics investigations? For what looks like shady maybe kind of illegal but probably very illegal embezzling… or skimming or whatever it is?

And his reward is Senate Majority Leader so he can decide where we spend our money?


And you wanna know the sad thing? He could easily get reelected. That’s bullshit. We pay this man.

He froze our governing body in a personal power play so he could control more of our money in the middle of an economic crisis. Now the state budget is fucked and we’re seeing cutbacks on trains and schools right when we don’t need another fucking headache.

Why don’t we expect competence from our leaders? We yell and scream about how government spends our money and then we elect these douchebags who could give a shit about getting things done. We should be fucking offended. It should piss us off, and then we, the people, should hire someone else to do a better job. That is called democracy.

But instead of caring, we just forget to vote and they stick around for another few years while no one pays attention to all the fucked up shit in Albany.

There are politicians out there who really care. Who want to do something. Some of them are working for us right now. Problem is… they learn quickly that getting elected doesn’t depend on doing their job. Thats fucked up. And it’s our fault. They get away with it because who really gives a shit about state politics anyway? They control billions of dollars of our tax money, but most of us don’t even know their names. We need to raise our voices and demand better.

After all, they work for US.

(If you are into doing something about it, get involved with the Manhattan Young Democrats – they’re actually getting things done)

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