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Daily Archives: January 29, 2010

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WTF Congress

I’m really fucking tired of Congressmen talking shit about Obama because he hasn’t changed the culture of Washington. GUESS WHAT GUYS! YOU ARE THE CULTURE OF WASHINGTON! Do you come into my house, smash my windows, and then complain about the cold!? Get the fuck outta here. Of course the culture of Washington is fucked. We’ve got a bunch of hypocritical motherfuckers who complain about the paralyzed state of our system while they shove crowbars into the gears. There is a simple question: what the fuck are you doing about it? How are you going to help me, your employer, make this system work better!? Or are you going to cry and whine like a little fucking school boy and argue about who started it?

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Guest Blogging On Psychology Today

An article I wrote on Avatar was published on Psychology Today’s Geek Pride blog. Check it out here. I copied the beginning below. — Well, he did it. And I doubt many of us are surprised. James Cameron’s Avatar finally surpassed his last movie, Titanic,