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Monthly Archives: December 2009

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Ten Films That Made You Say “WTF?”

It had to be done. Because it has to be channeled somewhere, you know? Disappointment is a hard thing to swallow. Some of these were simply doomed because of some very high expectations. Others will sit on this list forever. FOR-EV-ER. FOR-EV-ER. Sorry, I couldn’t

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Top Ten Chick Anthems Of The Decade

Hello friends. You may not recognize me because I’m new to the Popten scene. Hotchachaaa. However, upon being summoned by the Lord to join forces with these peeps, I decided I would pay homage to my diva roots and reminisce on what I believe were

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Top Ten (+10) Screen Performances of the Decade

A great performance lasts forever. That sounds cheesy… no. It is cheesy. But it’s true. It is recalled and recounted, reenacted, endlessly quoted and celebrated. Great acting spans all genres and all roles. And capturing that great performance is a luxury that allows us to

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Electrosonic Winter Mix

I ended up jumping into some music that may not be as well traversed as it usually is. So I figured the only right thing to do was share some new electro, hip hop, and smoothness. Alright the last song on the mix is very

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New Brit Fancy Guest Blog!

While our friends at Brit Fancy are off traveling the world for the holidays (South Africa & England. hello. jealous.) We’ve been busy guest blogging about other friends who also magically have a month to go on vacation. Today I ask the question, if you

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Tiger Woods dealt Hush Money to his Harem

In yet more incredible Tiger Woods news it turns out he was giving out $5 – 10k per month to his harem of ladies in hush money. The level at which he ran his love life like a business is absolutely amazing to me. I

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Right Now Mix

Been having trouble with music recently. Not sure if this is just a phase people sometimes go through, or if I’m just getting old or something (which would be very depressing) but I just haven’t been excited about new music in a little while. This is an attempt to remember that I like new shit… everything (except the RJD2 instrumental section in the middle) was made in 2008 or 2009. Not totally right now, but hey… kinda close.

Enjoy… embedded mix after the jump…

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Gedda Headz have Spaced Out, and I love it.

I am officially completely obsessed with the Gedda Headz’ video Spaced Out. Upon visiting their website I realized they are more than a band, and actually an enclave of cool gamer people. They all have avatars that fit into some simplified 3d future. The band