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Monthly Archives: December 2009

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The True Santa Story: a Spokesman Gets Diabetes

Watch the popten exclusive real video story of Santa Claus. To keep with the times and provide the nicest toys, Santa was forced earn money by promoting everything from Coke-Cola to M&M’s. His unlimited supply of soda and sweets made him fatter and fatter. When

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Top 25 Christmas Songs

I will be the first to admit, my love of Christmas is somewhat irrational. I was raised to be a good Jew, but I can’t get enough of lights, stocking, and carols. Heck, I even send out a holiday card with me and my dog

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Below is a way too long list of my thoughts on the 2009 year in music. It features my Top 10 favorite records, inspiring records released by my friends, not so awesome records released by otherwise reputable artists and then records that I feel I

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Top Ten Films… In a Series.

Ah, the beloved franchise. It’s a strange love/hate, demanding, volatile sort of relationship. Betrayal is a continuous theme. As is redemption. And occasionally… once in a blue moon… there’s exaltation. The franchise often features characters that are held to a special kind of standard, and

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Top Ten Political Snafus of the Decade

What a decade it has been for the political. From “Captain Earth-melt” Al Gore conceding the 2000 election to George W. Bush and the subsequent butchery of the English language that followed, to an historic 2008 Presidential campaign, tea baggers, and an aura of tomfoolery

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Top 10 Shopping Websites of the Decade

I bought this online for 8cents with my Gilt rewards. Thank you magical internet. Hey! Remember stores? The other day I was getting ready for all the holiday parties and I needed a new purse (I didn’t have a simple black clutch! Shame on me).

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12.21.09 Top Ten Recording Artists of the DECADE!

Sufjan Stevens This man is so prolific, creative, awe-inspiring and above all else, has made music listening in this decade a challenging joy. His albums are filled to the brim with gorgeous melodies, stunning orchestration and beautiful stories, be it about a state, transforming swans,

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Brittany Murphy Dead at 32

ugh. What a freaking year people! It’s not just that we had a ton of celebrity deaths, it’s that we had a ton of way too early out of nowhere and unnecessary deaths. Cardiac arrest at 32 years old! F, man, that’s so not ok.

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Top 25 Summer Jams of The Decade

Summer Jams have a way of defying everything you hold sacred about your music tastes. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, your entire aesthetic jumps right out the window, in favor of a radio-friendly, beachy, head-bopping soundtrack. You know you have succumbed to the allure

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Malcolm Gladwell and The Sports Guy

It seems like a strange marriage at first: Bill Simmons, a fratty sports obsessed ESPN Columnist chatting with Malcolm Gladwell, the bestselling uber-geek economist/smart guy. But it turns out that Gladwell is a huge sports fan and Simmons actually has a pretty speedy brain in there. Worth a read… part I, part II.

Liked this one from Gladwell:

Thanks for bringing up Tiger. First thought: Elin has nothing on Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Remember? When she suspected Andre Rison was up to no good, she took a fairway wood to five of his luxury cars and then burned down his house. This remains the gold standard against which all spurned women must be measured.