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Play Ball for AMERICA!!!


I hate people who say they don’t like sports… really dude? You hate something that brings a bazillion dollars into the economy every year and gives people a much needed (and dare I say, much deserved) break from everyday life. Plus, you don’t have to watch sports if you don’t want to… change the channel, it’s so easy!! Pat on the back to YOU America, you deserve to sit in a bar and drink a beer and watch the Yankees get killed by the Phillies! (Woooooooah I said it, and I meant it!)

It’s common knowledge that America NEEDS a 7 game world series right? The snack-food industry, the beverage industry, the TV advertising industry… they’re all in it to make sure that 7 games happen. Really, why not man? Seven games are funner than 4 (and the Yankees have lost worse than this before, remember when they won 3 lost 4?).

I once confessed my love of the Bears to a boy and he said “who cares?” (!) Ridiculous. In conclusion, yay baseball! Yay America, and shut your face if you don’t like it!! (Can I be the sports writer now?)

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