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Monthly Archives: November 2009

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A Mix of Word Art

I recently stumbled across a Flickr photoset entitled “I Like Your Face” and spent over an hour of my life looking at all 274 items. Mostly, I think I just enjoyed getting lost in the simplicity of presentation of such bold and beautiful statements. I

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Play Ball for AMERICA!!!

I hate people who say they don’t like sports… really dude? You hate something that brings a bazillion dollars into the economy every year and gives people a much needed (and dare I say, much deserved) break from everyday life. Plus, you don’t have to

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11.02.09 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. MUSICAL Fela! The first act of this too long musical is beyond splendid, a spectacle of African dance and the overblown personality that is Fela Kuti as his alter-ego on stage, channeled brilliantly by Sahr Ngaujah, walks you through the evolution of the Afro-pop