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It’s Elevator Safety Week!*

Someone literally just yelled across my office “I just read a fact about it, in the elevator” and someone else yells “THE ELEVATOR IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!” I work high up in a building in New York City. Let’s say, just a bit over 1 second per floor, that’s well over 30 seconds each way. So there’s coming to work and leaving, and going down to get a min of 2 lunches from delivery guys, so that’s an average of 6 elevator trips a day, about 3 minutes with the actually quite captivating Captive Network.

They have current news, birthdays, holidays and fun facts. They have stock ticker updates (although they’re delayed 20 minutes, and I can’t see how that has been affective since Melanie Griffith expressed her true feelings for Oliver Platt on the ticker in the 80s, which I can’t find online but is worth it once you see it). The absolute best was an ad for The Jay Leno Show that not-so-subtly abutted a fact that laughter makes you live longer (I tried to take a picture to no avail, standing alone with your blackberry pointed at the screen is a bit odd, even for me).

So the other day I was like… ok Elevator, you keep asking me to go to to get more… I’ll do it! Expecting the same amount of fun that you get on the elevator only lead me to complete and utter disappointment. From crappy layout, way too many ads to really boring and kind of creepy blogs the Captivate Network fails hard. I’m super disappointed! I really had high hopes! I guess like anything in life website development has its ups and downs (ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!) so maybe they’re in development!?

Just to cover the bases… Read some elevator safety tips HERE and feel sad about the guy that died this weekend HERE because that really was awful.

Anyone else hit a website recently that was a total disappointment ( post in the comments!

*I think, this isn’t confirmed

** Also did anyone else hear that Aerosmith broke up and got back together this week?

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