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Dream Machine

I am freaking out!

Last night I was talking with some friends about dreams… and one goes “yeah I have that dream that everyone has where you miss class because you’ve forgotten that you were registered for it until a few weeks into it.” Then the other goes “yeah everyone has that, it’s documented!”

HOLY CRAP. I have that dream about once a month for sure! After waking up it takes a few seconds to orientate myself and think “ok ok I have my degrees, I’m done with school there’s nothing I could have missed.” I had no idea it was a dream that a lot of people have! Ie: I googled “dream of being late for class” and a blogger wrote this:

In fact, it’s 3/4 through the semester, and you’ve completely forgotten to attend that class, and it’s too late to make up the work for the class, and way too late drop the class, so you’re fucked. Sometimes it’s that you forgot you registered for the class. Sometimes it’s that the class moved and you just never bothered to find it again. Sometimes you just didn’t go at first, because you thought the class would be easy, but then got carried away with skipping it to the point where you never attended the class.

HOLY CRAP YES YES EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you guys have this?




Man the crap our minds come up with is so fascinating and weird!!

ps. this video is awesome

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