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A Mix of Word Art

I recently stumbled across a Flickr photoset entitled “I Like Your Face” and spent over an hour of my life looking at all 274 items. Mostly, I think I just enjoyed getting lost in the simplicity of presentation of such bold and beautiful statements. I tend to associate everything in my life with music in some way, that’s just how my brain works, I guess, and so as I mentally bookmarked my favorites, I also assigned them a song in my head. In the end, I had ten favorites paired with ten songs.

Each song is listed under its corresponding image, and of course there is a link to stream them all. But these are just my favorites, so I encourage you to head over to flickr and check out the full set* (once you’re done with the mix, of course.)

*all images are copyright-protected, and reblogged here with permission

To stream this mix, visit here.

Mix Tape You Can’t Force A Dance Party Thank You, Lord, For Sending Me The F Train

Crash and Burn Non Je Ne Regrette Rien Six Fast Bullets (Five Complaints)

Book of Love Like The Twilight The Blankest Year

My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year)

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