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WitStream & You’re Welcome!


Just in case you’ve been out of touch or don’t have any funny friends (I got emailed this link by three people) you need to know that WitStream exists.

Remember how your Twitter friends aren’t really that funny? They talk about being hungry and tired and wah wah my job is lame blaaaaahhhhhhhzkjhfsdkhfsdkhgshgfhk;adnbvknnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn oh sorry! I just fell asleep thinking about it!

That’s why, clearly, Michael Ian Black started WitStream…. Only funny people allowed! Also, I KNOW one of the comics! My high school friend Baron Vaughn is an active (and hilarious) twitterer and a fantastic stand-up comedian (he was also in Cloverfield and is on VH1 like every day).

Once you’ve perused WitStream and spent the day giggling you’ll find yourself saying “I want more!!” well you can have it! Juan & I already have our tickets to “WitStream Live! @ Comix” Monday 11/2 at 8pm. MIB, Michael Showalter AND Baron Vaughn, shut up! You should probably join us, only $15!!

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