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Wireless Electricity?? Call Me Mad!!

No. Maybe infuriated is a more appropriate term.

For all you avid Popten readers, you may remember a much earlier post of mine describing my top ten inventions of the future. Wireless energy my friends; number ten on the list and I thought I would be the first one to conceive of it (haha). This is a list, I remind you, I developed based simply on the curious tendencies and systematic creativeness of my brain. So naturally, when I see something on TV that resembles progress towards an ingenious idea I had or, even worse, is almost exactly what I had envisioned; I feel the winds of opportunity dragging me down.

So what is it that’s causing so much anxiety within me? Here it is folks! Nothing but a commercial I stumbled upon while viewing my favorite far from far-fetched show of the future; ‘That’s Impossible’ on the History Channel.

But wait! There’s still more!

Okay, so if you have 9/10 of a brain you’ve realized that this is amazing but rather easy to figure out. Magnets, that’s all! Yup, just like those nifty Macbook chargers that attract to your laptop but don’t get damaged if pulled out or tripped over. With this in mind, I still had hope. I realized this invention is ‘wireless’ but since the devices are touching the pad it is easy to charge such devices magnetically, through physical contact (similar to re-charging batteries). This lead me to believe that my idea was still only a matter of millions of dollars and four more years of college education away.

But, as I looked further into the details of this wonderful technology my body solidified with amazement at the true potential of this wireless charger. It uses a technology called magnetic induction, check it out:


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