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Uninhabitable Mansions – Nature is a Taker – Exclusive Video

Have I got a new band or what. Robbie Guertin (Guitar and Vocals) and Tyler Sargent (Bass) of Clap You Hands Say Yeah have formed a new art collective and band called Uninhabitable Mansions. I just caught their show last Thursday at the Bell House at an event sponsored by the Gothamist in the CMJ festival. They were kicking off of their limited album release tour for their brand new album Nature is a Taker, which is available for ten bucks for download here. If I wasn’t video taping the whole show I would have danced like crazy. As it was I had trouble holding the camera still as my butt involuntarily started to groove.

I have been listening to the Album all morning to figure out what to write about it. My roommate, who is a sick musician in his own right, popped his head in my room and said, “Who is that? They got some of that Smith’s style.” When I showed him the video I shot he said, “That front man has a lot presence and energy. It looks like they have that type off catchy sound and style that will really take off.” I couldn’t agree more. This is band with legs, and I hope luck carries them to the top. In my opinion the album grows on me every time I listen to it. The music is rich, laid back, and pulsating. It makes me smile and feel my insides jiggle with distorted pure ambiance. They hit nice harmonies, solos, and everything else you would expect on great new indie rock album.

Uninhabitable Mansions is playing at Union Pool in Brooklyn tomorrow night at their album release party. Full disclosure on my childhood friendship with Robbie and four embedded tracks after the jump.

Robbie grew up 3 blocks from me. I walked past his house everyday I went to elementary school. He was always quiet, unassuming, and nice. He was a year older than me, had a twin sister, and was good at soccer. One time in high school he invited me to play indoor soccer. The game was ended by a spectacular soccer brawl that sent the ref running and was only broken up by Robbie’s take no nonsense father. I got a cut under my eye, but I swear the other guy was pissing blood for a week. Though Robbie helped build sets for the drama club, I always associated him with his athletic prowess. So when he took off like a bullet with Clap Your Hands I as bit surprised. After seeing him live a couple of times, that surprise has completely gone away. Though he is good at soccer he is a natural at Rocking.

If you enjoy these four tracks pay for the rest. They are just as good.

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