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Review: The Guild


I just had the pleasure of watching The Guild seasons 1 and 2 on a sweet two-disc set. I remember watching season 1 on the internet when it came out a couple of years ago. But I must say this show is definitely best when packaged together on one DVD. While each season is broken up into many episodes, the over-arching storyline takes a full season to play out. So watching a season all together is a lot more like watching a movie than a web series.

For those who have never heard of The Guild, it’s the first ever web based sitcom about online gamers. It was written by and stars her hotness Felicia Day of Buffy The Vampire Slayer fame. It uses YouTube-style confessionals intercut with sitcom-style interactions to tell the story of an online gaming guild. This show embraces the internet like no other and will probably spawn many imitators. What impresses me the most about the show is how far it’s come from its origins as an unfunded labor of love. Today it’s fully sponsored by Microsoft. Each season (part of season 3 is now available free online) clearly one-ups the last on both plot and production value. The Guild is a testament to what can happen if you connect with ravenous fan base / subculture.

Top Ten People who should buy this DVD and Season 3 Episode 1 after the jump.

10. Buffy Super Fanatics

9. Youtubers

8. People who like to dress up and go to conventions

7. Stalkers

6. People being stalked

5. People who want to know what the future looks like.

4. People who like to laugh

3. Parents of Wow players

2. World of Warcraft Players

1. Anyone who wants to know what successful a web series looks like.

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