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HK: Guestblogger!

Perhaps I’ve mentioned that I love British things?
Our friends at the delicious Britophile Blog Britfancy noticed and asked me to guest post! It’s my first time, and I’m ridiculously excited and honored!
Check out the post HERE where I answer the most gnawing UK vs US question of all time! Who’s cooler… Britney Spears or Billie Piper?

How did two things that had the exact same beginning become so different? Which got me thinking… is there anything else that America and Britain produced at the same time that was almost exactly the same but came out completely different in the end? Then during a “Thank heaven for BBC on Demand” moment I found myself watching “Dr. Who” (My DVD of “Crossroads” however, remains untouched).

And be sure to click back to Britfancy often for the Best of the British (or should I say the Best of the Best?)

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