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Daily Archives: October 15, 2009

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Chore Wars: A Better Motivator Than Sex

We have all become loot whores. That has to be the explanation. The next time your kids (who are we kidding- your significant other) starts letting the cleanliness slip a little bit at the old homestead, turn him onto this little game- Chore Wars. Control,

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The Soundtrack of Our Lives

This was played seven times in a row at the office, which launched it into mental repeat mode for the next three days. You might not catch it the first time, but maybe the seventh: this is exquisite aural wallpaper. More than that, there’s an

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The hell happened today?

Were you near the internet/tv/phone/social site/news station/another human being today? Did you hear about the kid in the balloon? I’ll paraphrase for you. These parents in Colorado are a little eccentric, to of course say the least (the kid’s name is Falcon). They are amateur