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Daily Archives: August 28, 2009

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RIP Reading Rainbow

The first article I read when I woke up this morning saddened me to no end. It was NPR’s report on the end of an era, also known as the last airing of Reading Rainbow. Amazingly, Levar Burton has been taking a look in books

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Minotaur Tortures Prisoners at Gitmo – Hilarious!

Thank you Mr. Onion for making me laugh for so many years. This fake news is priceless. (Disclaimer: Theodore Barrett, the Former White House Press Secretary is my dear cousin Jay Potter. So my opinion is completely biased.) But you should watch this and draw

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Fantasy Freaks & Gaming Geeks

Fantasy Freaks & Gaming Geeks is a thoughtful discourse on lifelong gamers, and the appeal of these worlds they reside in. A life of Dungeons & Dragons from a young age leads Ethan on a journey around the world to meet others with similar (if