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Daily Archives: August 17, 2009

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The things we do for love…. <3

I have a very important first anniversary coming up tomorrow (it’s between me and my boss… awkward or awesome?) I gave him a mustard packet today but he gave it back, he’s not a condiment guy. So whilst googling “paper anniversary gifts” (because somehow I

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The World is Changing Right Now

Frank Rich in the Sunday Times: What makes the show powerful is not nostalgia for an America that few want to bring back — where women were most valued as sex objects or subservient housewives, where blacks were, at best, second-class citizens, and where the

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The Power of the Internet

The internet has become a variable meeting stone. You never know just who you’ll meet, for better or worse. It’s entirely possible to meet a celebrity, regardless of where you are. Or you can find someone from long ago that you’ve blocked out of your

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8.17.09 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

This column marks the one year point of writing this weekly bit, and I must say that I simply cannot believe I’ve stuck to it (somewhere my parents are laughing at all the things I’ve started and never finished), and that people actually read it