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Daily Archives: August 12, 2009

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John Hughes?!?!

Just as I was starting to get the my-pain-is-so-dull-and-constant-and-too-embarrassingly-unexplainable-tearless-but-utterly-exhausting-crying over MJ under control, I got word that we had lost another beloved icon of the 80s. Oh, where to begin… I may have come of age in the 90s, but utter the words ‘John Hughes

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Top 10 Indie Rock News Stories Of The Day

[NOTE: I DIDN’T WRITE THIS AND TAKE NO CREDIT, BUT GOT AN OK TO RE-POST CUZ IT’S GENIUS, DETAILS BELOW] CAT POWER NOW JUST MAKIN’ SHIT UP (LIVE SHOW REVIEW) Chan Marshall, she of the irrepressable and inimitable Cat Power, appeared onstage draped in black,