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Daily Archives: August 11, 2009

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Pee Wee’s Big Adventure Dos: Millenial Mayhem

Looks like the madcap shenanigans that seared a hole in us eighties babies’ souls… is back! Just as my nostalgia was floundering from a distinct lack of Michael Jackson, Pee Wee’s come to remind us of the heritage we forgot, all thanks to some Movie

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Y-Wing Bedroom

Next time anyone wonders what to get me for my birthday (9.9.09 this year- oh yeah) look no further. Yes, some kid apparently lives inside a Rebel base, most likely on Hoth or Yavin IV. And it must be long, long ago, because the dude

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Q&A: Joel Watson, Creator of Hijinks Ensue

First panel: Picture Joel Watson, stuck in a dead-end sales job in Dallas, Texas. He’s abandoned his dream of being an illustrator/artist after realizing there was virtually no chance for his cartooning skills to get picked up by a major syndicate. But – cross into