MJ…an overlooked subtlety in his ingenious fashion choices


So, with all the Michael Jackson coverage, I feel like it would be remiss if no one spoke on his influence as a style icon. Not only was he iconic but he was also a downright maverick, rimming with courage, and originality. And though I could go on a ranting rampage about the singular sequin glove, the penny loafers, the skinny pants, the aviator sunglasses, and Balmain military-esque jackets, I wont. Because, well, that’s all obvious. And dont get me started on the gold jock strap thing (gotta love Mike). Instead, I’d like to talk about his more subtle fashion choices. Well, one in particular.

(Drumroll please)

The V-neck tee. That’s it. Michael Jackson loved the V-neck t-shirt. The white ones. And not the thick expensive ones. Nope. He wore the ones that come three in a pack. Why is this awesome? Because it is.

Because he made V-neck t-shirts seem like high fashion. And, well, because I wear those. And so do you.

Note: Most of these V-necks, were crew necks that Michael cut. Tomato, tomato.

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