GI Joe Film Festival


This Saturday, ladies and gentlemen, the 92nd Street Y brings us a truly epic film festival. (One that I wish I’d heard about earlier so we could’ve entered!) From Tomax to Xamot, and I’m sure featuring Zartan and possibly Serpentor, prepare to be Sgt. Slaughtered by this onslaught of stop motion euphoria. Yo Joe, my friends. Yo. Joe.

GI Joe Film Fest. Tickets for the show are here.

From the site:

Forget the blockbuster live-action G.I. Joe movie coming out this summer. It’s sure to ruin your childhood memories and leave you wishing you’d stuck with something more true to the source material—something like Gio Toninelo’s G.I. Joe Fest, a celebration of stop-motion animated films created with real G.I. Joe action figures. The festival is a showcase of both the toys and the awesome creativity that springs from the mind of people who refuse to give up their cherished childhood memories.

The films are often funny, frequently bizarre and almost unfailingly interesting. You’ll see re-creations of famous movies, including a variety of takes on an iconic Indiana Jones scene and a loving homage to John Carpenter’s The Thing. One film tackles the absurdity of the War on Drugs, another sets up a Cobra vs. G.I. Joe dance-off and one of the strangest of all is a fractured fairy tale of obsession and suicide.

The program also includes a preview of an upcoming feature-length animated film by Austin animators Paul Hanley and Kieran Healy.

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