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Movie Reviews of Movies I Haven’t Seen: My Sister’s Keeper

Speaking of mortality, what is the deal with child-cancer? More importantly, what is the deal with sad-ass movies and books that just make you insanely depressed? Hello, “The Notebook,” I’m talking to you! Authors like Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks are feeding this fear of death to us and I just don’t think it’s fair. Have you seen “A Walk to Remember?” Absolutely the most ridiculous movie plot of all time, yet people eat it up! They watch movies over and over that make them sob uncontrollably. I learned my lesson early in life (Never again “Steel Magnolias,” f-you “My Girl”). There are too many ACTUAL TRUE sad things in this world to focus on fake sad stuff.

I don’t have kids, but I’m the oldest of five and for the most part I remember when they were babies. They’re adults now, all taller than me, all blond. Heaven freaking forbid that one of them goes before me. I’m the oldest, I’m going first, hands down. Losing a child is every parents biggest fear, forget freak accidents, murders and kidnappings… watching a child die of cancer is something so terrible it hurts me to even imagine it!

After the Jump – Full Disclosure: I’m scared of everything.

I’m addicted to “Law & Order,” “NCIS,” “Bones” you name it! There’s a new “NCIS” with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J!! Holy crap that sounds amazing! You know what though, maybe if I didn’t watch it I could sleep with the lights off when Juan isn’t home. Maybe I wouldn’t be suspicious of everyone on the street, and maybe I wouldn’t have a picture set aside for my family to send to the news if I went missing so at least I look cute in my posthumous 15 minutes.

“My Sister’s Keeper” is crossing a line that I’m just not willing to cross… take this excerpt from a Jodi Picoult interview in the NY Times this weekend:

When I met her in Boston, Picoult was spending time at Shriners burns hospital. “The woman I was shadowing was worried about me being able to handle the incredibly graphic wounds — these kids were burned over 80 percent of their bodies — when it was the emotional component that rocked me,” she said. “Each time we left a room, I’d ask how the burns happened. One girl, not much older than my daughter, had fallen into a bonfire.”


“I think I gravitate toward these subjects because I’m looking for answers and I don’t have them,” Picoult told me. “But mostly I think it is superstition. There is a part of me that believes that if I think about these issues, if I put myself through the emotional wringer, I somehow develop an immunity for my own family. Does writing a book about bullying protect your children from being bullied? No. I realize that this kind of thinking is completely ridiculous.”

Oh awesome! You’re writing books that spawn irrational fears based on your own irrational fears? That’s just not nice!

Personally I’m also very scared of flying… but I’m working on it. It’s serious. I’m on a Fear of Flying list serve and one of the things we’re learning is to stop feeding the fear. I could read the articles about the Air France bodies being found in the ocean, but I’m actively choosing not to.

What’s going on with Hollywood these days? They’re giving us shitty romantic comedies, no true happy ending love stories. Can someone make something akin to “Dirty Dancing?” Something that makes us laugh and dance and believe in love in a totally unique way? There’s no way we, as a culture, are totally out of ideas. I know movies should be an escape from reality, but with reality being so crappy nowadays can’t we have a happy place to escape to?

Here’s a thought people. Instead of wasting $11 to see a movie that’s going to make you cry. Why not donate $11 to St. Judes? Click the donate button and be a part of something good, instead of just feeding the fear.

I give this movie 1 star, because Cameron Diaz looks insanely pretty in the trailers.

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