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Daily Archives: June 16, 2009

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Welcome Lynne to PopTen!

Nothing makes me happier than introducing a new PopTen writer, especially one as wildly talented as Lynne Desilva-Johnson. Lynne’s one of those many-hat-wearers: an English professor at City College who’s working on her PhD in Cultural Anthropology, and a journalist who’s been published all over

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Iranian Government Attacked by Internet Forces

The Ayatollah Khamenei and President Ahmadinejad have met the full force of a people empowered by the internet, and they are being seriously shaken. What is happening right now in Iran is fueled by the freedom of speech and organization provided by Twitter. Much of

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South Africa Stand up!! BLK JKS

Hey, if you dig this (which you should) you can catch BLK JKS live and FREE in Brooklyn at the Hunterfly Road Houses, July 5th at 4pm. That’s Weeksville. Also known as “right beside Bed-Stuy.” And they are from South Africa, so if you miss