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SleepCrime Melts My Face


The weekend before last I had the pleasure to have my face melted off by SleepCrime. They invited me to video and photograph them recording their first album in upstate New York. The band has fellow poptenners Andy on guitar and Matt on bass. Hot Long Island ladies Lauren on drums and Michele on guitar and vocals totally sexify the band. All together they make rocking metal that shakes your bowels and involuntarily makes you head bang. The bad news is they are still recording their first EP so I can’t instantly share their music with you. The good news is that if you live NYC you can hear them first hand Thursday night. As an added bonus myself and other poptenners will surely be in attendance if you want to party down with us.

Pics and description of the recording weekend after the jump.

After laying down drum tracks the weekend before Lauren drove us to her folks condo in Windham, New York. I was thrilled to be going along as I have been friends with all these guys for years. I loved their old bands Sayonara (Andy and Matt) and Betty After Midnight (Michele and Lauren) so I was excited for a chance to see the magic happen. And the magic did happen. Watching them record was to see four geniuses combine into one Voltronesque super machine. It was one of those rare moments you can see creativity, talent, and love erupt into glorious music. I was truly inspired to see them all working together. And though the individuals are mighty alone, the sum of them is infinitely greater than the parts. I just can’t wait for the recording and mixing to be done so I can listen to their glory everywhere.


You can see the determination in their eyes.


Andy’s fingers movie to fast to capture on camera.


Pro Tools vixen Lauren records some sweet tone from Michele.


Matt and Andy soak in nature during a break.


Matt uses a tape beard to get just the right sound.


Lauren and Andy look in awe at the sweet tracks they just laid down.


With recording done for the night things started to get a little crazy.


Michele and Lauren show off their sweet dance moves.

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