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Q&A: No Doubt Style


Got a Stupid No Doubt Question? I Have Answers!!

No Doubt’s back!!!!!!!! Back in action, back touring, back writing new tunes! It’s time to clear up some common misconceptions! After the jump I answer some of the ridiculous questions I’ve been asked this past week.

Dumb Question #1: Are they back together?
A: THEY WERE ALWAYS TOGETHER. You’re allowed to take breaks and do other things! I work week days but do not attend work on the weekends. This does not mean that I quit my job every Friday at 5:30 and become a full-time TV Watcher. It just means that I have time to do other things.

Dumb Question #2 (which is actually a statement): I’m glad they’re going back to their roots and not the Gwen-pop stuff anymore.
A: Um. Gwen’s solo stuff was not No Doubt stuff. Even though Tony produced a lot of it etc, it was still an entirely different project that had nothing to do with No Doubt! Gwen said something in Spin recently like “how could people not see that I was just having fun?” She wants to dress up like a band leader and march around with an entire band for a few years? That’s totally fine!

Dumb Question #3: Is Gwen back with them?
A: These all are sort of becoming the same dumb-ass question aren’t they? PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE INTEREST! This isn’t INXS, we’re not in the Marky Mark film “Rockstar!” Gwen is the lead singer of No Doubt! She wasn’t always, but she is now and will be for eternity!

Dumb Question #4: Isn’t Gwen married to one of the band members?
A: OMG CHRIS I’M CALLING YOU OUT! Bobby threatened to break your jaw again for asking this (he actually said “it’s just that Chris is so well educated usually, it’s out of character for him to ask a question like that”). Gwen and Tony (the bassist) dated for a few years, they broke up. She was hurt, she wrote Tragic Kingdom. We all fell in love with her. History=made. She’s married to Gavin Rossdale from Bush, they have two little boys.

Anything else? I can do this all day!

Pic via El7e from the Today show last Friday!

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