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Morgan’s May 2009 Mix


I should begin this post with an apology, faithful Popten readers. I realize now that I failed to post my April 2009 mix. I followed up crazy March with an almost crazier April. My month was packed with a visit to Florida, Passover, work craziness, my birthday (!), and moving (!!). That’s right kids… after 2.5 years in Murray Hill, Pippin and I are now proud residents of the Upper East Side. However I present to you now your May 2009 mix.

Some highlights:

Click Clack Boom. This band came up to me, Jenna, and Julie while we were watching the Annuals and timidly offered us an EP. We gave them pointers on how to confidently peddle their free merch. All said and done, it’s actually pretty dang good.

Pete Yorn. I guess I should include a spoiler alert if you watch House, and haven’t’ watched it in a while, but I won’t, because I’m sure that episode has already been spoiled for you like it was for me. Anyway, this track was playing at the end of the episode when Kal Penn killed himself. And made me way nostalgic for this album.

The Shins. This track I pulled from Merge’s recent anniversary album. Good compilation, you should look into it.

Suckers. I attempted to see this band several times to no avail while in TX. Mostly because Austin (the person, not the city) is in the band, and he works in the Education department at the Museum. But regardless of that fact, the EP is good stuff, go find it.

Sufjan. He released this song on his blog. It’s about Sofia Coppola. I miss Sufjan.

Harlem Shakes. Fave band from SXSW. If you don’t have this album already, go get it.

Ted Leo. I made some comment last week on twitter that prompted my friend Dan to say he pictured me singing Where Have All The Cowboys Gone. Which automatically put this song in my head instead.

Conor Oberst. His new single Nikorette reminds me too much of “I Don’t Want To Die In This Hospital”. I guess that’s what happens when you put out 90,000 songs a year. But I like this one.

So there’s a taste of what’s on the mix. For a full track listing and a link to stream (almost) the entire mix, click through…

8tracks puts a 25-track limit on their mixes, so you guys will miss the final two songs. But look them up! They are good! Here are the rest:

01 – The Click Clack Boom – By You

02 – Wye Oak – Warning

03 – Blk Jks – Lakeside

04 – Pete Yorn – Lose You

05 – Julie Doiron – Consolation Prize

06 – God Help The Girl – Funny Little Frog

07 – The Grates – Burn Bridges

08 – The Love Language – Gray Court

09 – The Shins – Plenty Is Never Enough

10 – A.C. Newman – The Heartbreak Rides

11 – Akron/Family – River

12 – Friendly Fires – Paris

13 – Suckers – Beach Queen

14 – Phoenix – Listzomania

15 – Sufjan Stevens – Sofia’s Song

16 – The Secret Life Of Sofia – Weathering

17 – Sunset Rubdown – Idiot Heart

18 – Harlem Shakes – Nothing But Change Part II

19 – Little Bribes – Death Cab For Cutie

20 – Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone

21 – Au Revoir Simone – Dont See the Sorrow

22 – Eulogies – This Fine Progression

23 – Richard Swift – Lady Luck

24 – The Intelligence – Thank You God for Fixing the Tape Machine

25 – John Vanderslice – Fetal Horses

26 – White Lies – To Lose My Life

27 – Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – Air Mattress

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