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Joss, I Should Never Have Doubted…


To quote Eliza herself… The party just got SO good.

It’s Monday, and I’m still a little high from what may possibly have been THE greatest mislead of all time. It finally felt like a Joss show: funny, scary, textured, quirky and pop, all wrapped in a nice theme-y Sleeping Beauty metaphor that totally worked.

This first season has been all over the map so far. I think much of that is owing to the fact that none of the episodes were filmed in sequence. The drama has felt injected and slightly disjointed, making the worthy moments feel either out of place, or deflated completely. And relying on Echo as a character, who has no authentic personality, to emotionally ground the show has proved a bit problematic, some of it by design… but mostly in execution (Eliza, I’m a fan, so I say that with love and encouragement).

But I think Joss is on his way toward working out the aforementioned problems by broadening the scope of the world he’s exploring. The elements of mystery surrounding the Dollhouse are being given much more screen time, with the actual ‘engagement’ serving as the B-story every once in a while. And it makes sense. The existence of an organization like this needs a little bit more context. It’s so unreal, so fantastical, that any new mythology about it is sort of fascinating.

And the preview for next week looks effing fantastic too!

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of every Whedonite in the world exhaling with relief. Our boy’s still got it!

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