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In the news: New Yorkers for Marriage Equality!


Small pop-culture break for a little bit of Civil Rights Action. Are you a New Yorker who believes in marriage equality? The Manhattan Young Democrats (a group which I happen to be Secretary of in my real life) have spear-headed a letter writing campaign to NY State Senators to push the Marriage Equality Bill! Many other organizations have joined the alliance and are spreading the word! (we were even on perez today!) This site is your one stop shop for letter writing to show your support for the bill! Gov. Patterson WILL sign this if it gets through the House, he fully supports it! New York, the coolest state in the country will be the largest state to have Gay Marriage!
Here’s the thing Popteners, this is IMPORTANT. It’s about love and respect and equality for all people regardless of sexual orientation. It might not seem like it does much, but letter writing WORKS, your Senators want you to be happy, you need to TELL them what you want!

Thank you!

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