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“Vintage” is one of those phenomenas that either comes across as incredibly cool in an effortless way, or a bucket of corn and cheese. Whether it be the awesome guy with the mint condition ’69, black on black Mustang, with mag wheels, and the original push-button dial radio, or the not so awesome, almost annoying kids wearing every bit of 80’s rags they can scrounge up in their big cousin’s closet, vintage is always prevalent in our culture. So it should be no surprise that some of the symbols of the past (though not so distant) end up in the sector of fine art. Check out Bughouse Art’s “Mothership”. The wood makes it a little “waterbeddy” but for the most part, I think it’s pretty dope. I mean, maybe not for me…but if you got the swag, you can pull anything off. Even when it comes to decor. Hell, Kanye has a bunch of paintings of the Jetsons on his walls. And…well…it works.

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