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The Show We Hate to Love… and Love to Hate.

*If you’ve never seen the show, STOP READING. I generally object to spoilers, but this shit is impossible to talk about without them.*

As I write this, I wonder how many of you share my affliction. Even after last week’s episode, which was admittedly kind of awesome, I found myself overcome with… ennui. Because watching Lost is a lot like binge eating. It’s an entirely gluttonous fog of take and take and take. We devour all that we see and hear, foolishly thinking it will lead to some measure of satisfaction. We’re always wrong. And when it’s all over, you can’t move. And all you can think about is the next binge. And you hate yourself…

I don’t know that I would continue to watch if the creators hadn’t announced an end date to the series. It’s all so exhausting. I mean… geeeeez: They’re alone, no they’re not, he’s evil, no he’s not, she’s evil, no she’s not, holy-crap-who-died??, Vengeance, I say!, Kate and Jack, Kate and Sawyer, who-the-hell-are-those-two-and-why-do-they-get-their-own-episode, Sayid-is-a-total-effing-BADass, the island does WHAT??, is-this-a-flash-back-or-flash-forward, WHEN ARE WE??


A lot of my frustration, I think, is due to the fact that for the first half of the season, so many of the survivors were spread way the fuck out across the time/space continuum… moving to and froe at every blinding flash of light (light that apparently causes nose bleeds and DEATH?!?! Um… Marty McFly never got a frickin’ nose bleed, what’s up with that??) And I worry that maybe this show is just devolving into another soap opera.

The beginning of the series brought us this incredibly rich mixture of personalities, thrown together by chance (they think!), and so much of the fun was discovering the odd connections between them that were in place long before boarding Oceanic Flight 815. Now, it seems we are stuck in this arduous DaVinci Code-like labyrinth of revelations, where those connections are totally pointless because people can just show up whenever and it’s like, ‘Yeah. The island does that.’ WTF.

Also… Faith vs. Science, the classic Man vs. God scenario that was impressively anchored by the two most watchable characters (and actors) on the show, has kind of vanished. Maybe we’ll get back to it, but until then, am I supposed to be satisfied following Sawyer around, watching him play hall monitor? Cause… no.

Writers, if you’re just winging it, COME CLEAN NOW.

BUT. In all fairness, I suppose it does take more than a twisty-spirally plot to hook that many viewers.

There is the occasional plot-reflective interpersonal dynamic that, lest we forget, should be the ties that bind a show together. I have it on good authority that Evangeline Lilly qualifies as the hotness, which is fine by me, cause at least Kate can hang. Michael Emerson (Ben) may be the creepiest looking guy… like, EVER… which totally works for him and, by extension, the show. Matthew Fox is, in my humble opinion, an incredibly capable actor who excels greatly at emoting, without indicating; a task that sounds elementary, but there are a number of highly-paid/overly-praised people who really, really suck at it. It’s the quiet moments, my friends. And I dig that when they don’t subtitle Jin, I still know what he’s saying, like 85% of the time.

So… there’s still hope. Perhaps tonight’s episode will rock my world and jolt me back into a proper excited-fangirl-craze, as opposed to this addict-like-junkie phase where I’m just waiting for my next fix.

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