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Swine Flu Road Trip! Vegas Anyone?

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Of all the things I’m scared of a pandemic flu isn’t one of them (weird right?). I am 400% certain that it wouldn’t affect me and I’d be one of the “chosen few.” It’s like when you want to know who you were in a past life and you think “maybe I was royalty!” when probably you were an illiterate peasant and died of the plague.

When imagining what would happen if there actually was a worldwide outbreak of something I always imagine myself immune. I’m alone in the city shuffling through debris trying to make my way west (indeed to Las Vegas via Denver)! I’m in an abandoned mansion in England taking care of orphaned children (clearly, this is from 28 Days Later, also, I have no idea how I would get to England). I’m cursing myself for not paying more attention in AP Chemistry! I have no idea what the “grid” is or how to turn it back on! I spot in the distance a former lover and we rejoice that we’re still alive (sorry Juan)! I’m struggling to write down the history of the world so that someday when life blooms again they will know what happened! They will know HOW WE LIVED! This is our INDEPENDENCE DAY! Ummm or something along those lines.

Anyway! Anyone else? Where do you see yourself in a major disaster? Clearly not dying! You’re Mad Max aren’t you? You’re definitely not Water World guy.

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