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My Name Is Jason. Mine Too.


Once in a while we like to give a shout out to some of the great work Poptenners come out with.. And today we’ve definitely got reason to celebrate because the Jasons (otherwise known as Reynolds and Griffin) officially have a book out. It’s called My Name Is Jason. Mine Too: Our Story, Our Way, and it’s published by none other than Harper Collins. Buy it here on Amazon… then buy it for your friends, your parents, your kids, and your cousins. Hey you could even buy it for the guy at the bodega on the corner. We’re cool with that.

Through a combination of art and poetry, Reynolds and Griffin tell the story of their move from DC to Bed-Stuy. It hits pretty close to home for me – walking out of college as an artist and moving to New York can be a pretty harrowing experience. They touch on a lot of those familiar city moments, like getting takeout from Chinese Restaurants with bullet shields, choosing between rent and laundry, or trying to explain your (not quite a) job to your family back home…

For me, the book underscores one of the more important lessons I learned post college… (you know, in the “Real World”) following your dreams is a truly amazing thing, but it still sucks sometimes. Then again, baloney on wonder bread sounds a lot funnier five years later.

I’d recommend this book to anyone – but I think it’s especially good for kids just graduating high school or in college… back then, my post-college life seemed like a big amorphous blob slowly sneaking up on me. Now I look back and think, dammit – why didn’t someone just sit me down and tell me what it’s like out here.

Better yet, why didn’t someone write a book about it and give it to me…

After the Jump – meet the Jasons via the magic of internet video!

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