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CNN T-shirts: Why would anyone want these?


I read CNN all the time, I go straight to “Crime” and read about all the serial killings and kidnappings around this grand country of ours. Is that weird? It might be part of the reason that I’m afraid of everything, but I’m not going to stop doing it.
I guess to capitalize on the whole ironic t-shirt thing, CNN now offers the option to buy a t-shirt with a headline printed on it. I cannot for the life of me figure out why anyone would ever want one of these! One of the reasons they list to wear one is to “look informed.” Seriously?
Some prime examples:
“Mom tries stripping to make ends meet”
“Soldier dad surprises son in math class”
“Tourist blasts off for Space Station”
“Obama beats McCain”

This reaches a whole new level of “wow, I don’t care at all.” Even from me, someone who cries at every video of a soldier surprising their kid in elementary school (I dare you not to get misty).

What do you think, would you ever wear one?

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