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Bale ‘Fights’ with O. Russell

Christian Bale has joined the cast of The Fighter, alongside Mark “Say-Hi-To-Your-Mother-For-Me” Wahlberg. This project has changed hands a few times already, first boasting the pairing of Wahlberg and Jason Bourne himself, Matt Damon, with Darren Aronofsky directing. Damon dropped out and Brad Pitt was said to have taken his place. Apparently that’s fallen through, and now it’s Bale, with David O. Russell taking on the duties of director.

Um… am I the only one that thinks David O. Russell should probably show up to work wearing body armor?

Russell is notorious for his volatile antics on set. If you remember, there were leaked clips from behind the scenes of I Heart Huckabees, showing Russell completely losing his shit: script pages flying past the camera, slamming doors, a lot of yelling… and an infamous one of sweet Lilly Tomlin, suffering a category 5 meltdown as she unleashes her rage on the director, after he apparently pushed her to the limits of sanity. Also… George Clooney supposedly threw a punch at him on the set of Three Kings. The Unshakable Cloones, people, a paradigm of class and levelheaded Master of PR. The fact that Russell has managed to maintain a professional working relationship with Wahlberg seems to defy logic.

And now Russell’s about to work with Christian Bale, who I love and, even though I forgive him completely, did kind of scare the shit out of his DP (and the world) on his last film (we’ve all heard the tape, let’s not rehash it). Something tells me Bale would not be so understanding, should Russell decide to test his new star’s patience. Also… Bale has probably had some extensive physical training over the course of his recent work. And given the level at which his own rage is able to present itself, if push comes to shove, I’m fairly certain he could break Russell’s face using only his voice.

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