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Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

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The Pomegranate Phone

If you haven’t seen this already, check out this amazing new phone fellow Poptenner Jamie Antonisse showed me a few weeks ago. That’s right – you’re looking at the first cell phone/digital video projector! And it’s got some other crazy features like a global voice

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Swine Flu Road Trip! Vegas Anyone?

Of all the things I’m scared of a pandemic flu isn’t one of them (weird right?). I am 400% certain that it wouldn’t affect me and I’d be one of the “chosen few.” It’s like when you want to know who you were in a

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No. Thank YOU, Mr. President…

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved, but I’m not content. I’m pleased with our progress, but I’m not satisfied. So it’s been 100 days now. 100 days and it still hasn’t worn off. The image alone of President Obama standing at that podium is enough

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Is Andrew WK the Messianic Christ?

I’ve suspected for a long time that there might be holy or eschatological implications for the coming of the Andrew WK. The evidence is all there, but today’s article in New York Magazine seals the deal. The evidence is officially overwhelming. Why Andrew WK Is