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Daily Archives: April 13, 2009

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Fast & Furious Money Machine

April. Two weeks. $118,000,000. That’s either: a) Impressive b) Surprising c) Making your head explode. d) All of the above. –depending on your outlook about a silly little B-movie from 2001, that somehow morphed into a rock-the-box-office/Vin-Diesel-is-alive/from-hereafter-everything-will-look-like-a-music-video franchise. And yes, I know this, because I’ve

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Japanese Game Show Win

After I showed my brother’s girl friend the WTF Asia post, she alerted my to the much funnier Japanese game show clip. This show is basicallty a Russian roulet of wierd tortures. The catch is that it takes place in a library, and you can’t

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04.13.09 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. SHOW Everyday Rapture Sherie Rene Scott creates a wonderfully self-indulgent hour and half musical review about her life as a half-Mennonite in Kansas and her eventual turn into a pseudo-star of Broadway. Moving between highs and lows of life, Scott is always hilarious with