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Daily Archives: April 1, 2009

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From teen to adult in less than five minutes…

Do you remember those petulant times when you were a teenager and pretty much everything your parents said to you inspired a nasty response or a scrunched up angry face. It didn’t matter how much love they were showering upon you, or how much they

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The Show We Hate to Love… and Love to Hate.

*If you’ve never seen the show, STOP READING. I generally object to spoilers, but this shit is impossible to talk about without them.* As I write this, I wonder how many of you share my affliction. Even after last week’s episode, which was admittedly kind

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“Bridging Cultures: One Pixel at a Time”

Let’s cut to the chase. The State Department threw down over 400k taxpayer dollars to develop and distribute this ‘X-Life’ game for the mobile phone. X-Life is a game geared towards middle easterners to help learn about the American culture, history and improve English skills.

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T-1000 in the Ink

I don’t think that when Robert Patrick was playing the role of the enemy T-1000 anybody thought such a computer generated creature would ever be a true possibility. Then again, we tend to develop on our own fantasies and imaginations. Ferrofluids; nanoscale ferromagnets coated in