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Presidential Twitter Challenge

I recently joined Twitter and I’m obsessed with adding news stations and news personalities to it! (plus I added the widget into my gmail so updates are always there!) Today’s amazing find is the NPR Obama tracker which you can add to your website and wouldn’t you know:

NPR’s Obama Tracker charts significant events and developments in the new administration, and actions the president takes as he settles into the job.

Pretty cool huh? Could you imagine if this had been around during the FDR administration, or Lincoln? Or even if the interwebs had been more advanced for Clinton?

John McCain’s on Twitter… How would Abe or JFK do?? Former President Twitter challenge after the jump!


8:00am – just trimmed the beard! Bumped my head on the doorway AGAIN! Being this tall in 1864 is hard!

12:00pm – lunch with Ulysses S. Grant! I think this kid’s eyeing my job!

What else? Leave comments! Make them funnier than mine!!

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