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New POPTEN Design


POPTEN’s got a brand new skin! And some cool new features…

As you might have noticed, POPTEN looks a little different today – we’ve made some changes that we’re hoping you like, and we’ll be adding more as we go along. Most importantly, we’ve got a nice shiny RSS feed button on the top right corner of the page, so don’t forget to push it and get into that whole feed reading thing (or just click RIGHT HERE). On the right are some fun new web 2.0 functions – POPTEN is officially twittering – so all you twitterers (twitheads? twitizens? do they have a name for this yet? probably… ) can follow us and have POPTEN wherever you may be. Also, we’ve got a player over there too – for the uninitiated (which includes myself) lets you pick your own music and create your own radio station which people can follow. It’s sort of like Pandora, except other people can listen to the stuff you’re listening to. Want to listen to some tunes while you read? Just press play…

We’re going to keep adding more stuff like this, along with some cool ways of displaying all this fun info we’re compiling, so stay tuned for new additions.

Any comments? Suggestions? Flames? Tell us what you think in the comments section, or you can also email us at info [at] Any new feature ideas are especially appreciated…

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