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I make-a the food!

Italians around the world are shaking their fists at a new pizza making vending machine… hello, a PIZZA MAKING VENDING MACHINE!! As an American who’s not Italian I think this idea is fantastic! 4 Euros, three minutes and you have a hot fresh baked pizza! I’m 100% in and would like to purchase one for my house to replace my entire kitchen.
Others are less enthused (from Reuters)

“This machine is a toy,” Pino Morelli of the Association of Italian Pizzerias said. “Perhaps it will find a niche overseas, but Italians are born with pizza: their mothers feed it to them as babies. They understand it.”

Hilarious! Sour grapes do not make delicious pizza!

After the jump a live video of what’s happening in Italy right now.

Then of course the most Italian person I know:

Vinny: i am going to go on the record as saying i dont approve of “lets pizza”

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